Bring Government Employees Back Safely

Learn how our innovative, economical and sustainable solution can help bring your employees back safely.

Since September 2020, we have been sanitizing all of the buildings and workspaces in the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg.  With proof of our success, we are now adding other state, county, and local government buildings to our program.

Our team works with locally-owned small businesses, all of which are owned by women or people of color, to train sanitization teams.  We install patented solution production machines that use water, salt, and electricity to produce highly effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.  And we provide before and after testing to ensure efficacy. Combined, this program provides confidence that government facilities are clean, safe, and supportive of the community.

The program also includes rapid response protocols if a COVID-19 case is detected in any government facility.  Since we are already on-site doing proactive sanitizing, we can remediate a location and turn it back into usable space within hours.  This gives workers confidence that their government employer is doing everything they can to ensure their safety.

Disinfect US, which is a project of the Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 Small and Small Diverse Business and Community Task Force, is designed to meet all the requirements for FEMA reimbursement.  Our program management experts are available to help you navigate the process and identify funds to support sanitization.

We are offering multi-building government campuses free testing for the next 60 days as they prepare to have workers reenter offices.  To learn if you qualify for the program, please complete the contact form below.

Want to Learn More?

Whether your facility needs sanitization or you just want to learn more about how your team can join our program, we’re here to talk.