Disinfect-US Across Industry Applications

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There is nothing more important than our children’s health and safety.  As they begin to re-enter school full-time, trustees, school district leaders, and facility managers must be able to give parents the confidence that classrooms, cafeterias, and dorms are not just clean – they’re sanitized.

Nursing Homes

According to the CDC, the Coronavirus vaccine does not mean the end of the virus.  It is critical that best practices, including social distancing, masks, and sanitization continue to be implemented.  That is particularly true as nursing homes and assisted living facilities begin to re-open to visitors.

Child Care Centers

As parents go back to work and children need care during the day, child care centers must be able to give parents the confidence that classrooms and playspaces are not just clean – they’re sanitized.  This means that viruses and bacteria have been eliminated.

Stadiums and Arenas

The roar of crowds will hopefully return to stadiums and arenas soon as people celebrate the return of their favorite teams and performers.  Give your attendees confidence by letting them know when their concessions and seat or section was last sanitized.

Transportation Hubs

As people are vaccinated against COVID-19, begin commuting to work again and start making summer travel plans, transportation centers, train stations, and airports are going to see an influx of people.  This also means an exponential increase in germs requiring a highly advanced sanitization program.


Since September 2020, we have been sanitizing all of the buildings and workspaces in the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg.  With proof of our success, we are now adding other state, county, and local government buildings to our program.


Coronavirus has been spreading through prisons. In fact, 48 out of 50 states continue to be hot spots. Getting Coronavirus under control requires sanitization, not just cleaning.  Sanitization is the complete elimination of viruses and contaminants, and this means testing. 

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