Why Us

Disinfect-US stands out from other sanitization programs for three key reasons: our technology, our program, and our analytics.


We use a unique system based on exclusive electro-chemical activation (ECA) technology to produce powerful cleaning and sanitizing solutions that are non-toxic and as effective, often more effective, than traditional chemicals. The system is installed in your facility and produces solutions on demand using just salt, water, and electricity. Learn more from our recent projects, or contact us to see how we can work together.


High-stakes programs need experienced leadership and management. Our team is led by experts across industries, including engineers, industrial hygienists, HVAC experts, certified sterilization professionals, emergency managers, and more.


After our teams have sanitized, we go through routine testing, measuring, and verifying that goes above and beyond CDC-guidelines for health and safety. Leveraging IBM’s Maximo Application Suite, we crunch thousands of data points around trends and sanitization to make sure we’re staying on top of your needs.

Want to Learn More?

Whether your facility needs sanitization or you just want to learn more about how your team can join our program, we’re here to talk.