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According to the CDC, the Coronavirus vaccine does not mean the end of the virus.  It is critical that best practices, including social distancing, masks, and sanitization continue to be implemented.  That is particularly true as nursing homes and assisted living facilities begin to re-open to visitors.

Cleaning is not enough.  Sanitization – the complete eradication of the virus – is essential to the safety of residents, healthcare workers, administrators, and guests.  

Disinfect US is the only organization that provides sanitization to nursing homes and assisted living facilities that is non-toxic, affordable, and supportive of minority-owned businesses.  The program begins with testing, uses a water and salt solution to kill germs, tests for efficacy, and delivers daily efficacy reports.  It incorporates best-in-class patented technology from Klarion that is applied by highly-trained, local professionals.

The program has been used across the Pennsylvania capitol complex to sanitize offices and facilities for Pennsylvania legislators, government employees, and even the Governor.  It has also been deployed when a Coronavirus case has been identified to instantly sanitize rooms and make them safe for use.

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