About Disinfect-US

Disinfect-US powered by 2SDBC is a sustainable sanitization program that provides certified sanitization professionals with experience in human coronavirus response.


Disinfect-US creates confidence for people returning to work, school, and play.  It sanitizes surfaces so that COVID-19 and other pathogens are eliminated.  There are three things that make Disinfect-US the first and only disinfecting program of its kind:

  • Customized IBM software centralizes operations and data analysis to make clients’ programs highly effective and efficient.   
  • Proprietary solution is produced on-site from water, salt, and electricity that is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and unlimited in supply.
  • Certified professionals conduct testing before and after sanitizing to ensure surfaces pass the highest health standards in the industry.

These three things mean that our clients can be confident that they are doing everything they can to keep people safe while also protecting the environment and supporting their communities.

History of the Sterilization Initiative and Our Partners

The Disinfect-US sanitization program was designed and is administered by The 360 Group of Companies.  Together with other companies who conduct testing, ensure quality, apply the solution, ensure the security of the program, and communicate with stakeholders, we provide the benefit of confidence while also ensuring small businesses have opportunities.

Disinfect-US is a collaboration among The 360 Group of Companies, large, small, and minority-owned businesses, including The Enterprise Center, Team Clean, SMS, Pennoni and Associates, We See You, and Slice Communications.  The program also incorporates two large companies to ensure best-in-class sanitization technology and data analysis.  PathoSans’ Klarion system has been used to keep school districts, theme parks, arenas, and churches across the country safe.  IBM provides the technology and data analytics platform that is used to track, measure, and verify the efficacy and responsiveness of our program while displaying real-time dashboards to our clients that provide public confidence.

Implementing Our Program

Disinfect-US was designed to comply with federal reimbursement requirements during an emergency declaration.  There are three ways to deploy the Disinfect-US program in your organization:

  • Proactive, Programmatic Sanitization – We deliver a comprehensive sanitizing program including design, testing, solution, hardware, deployment team, reporting, and communication.
  • Program Design, Training, and Quality Assurance – Our team designs the program, provides solution, conducts quality testing and reporting, and trains your team to deploy the solution.
  • COVID-19 Case Response – We send out a team to remediate any surfaces where there has been a person positive with COVID-19 so the space can be returned to use quickly.

While Disinfect-US is a powerful way to create confidence in any space, it is designed for:

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