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Coronavirus has spread through prisons.  48 of 50 states continue to be hot spots, according to the COVID Prisons Project, including Pennsylvania.

Getting Coronavirus under control requires sanitization, not just cleaning.  Sanitization is the complete elimination of viruses and contaminants, and this means testing.  Disinfect US is the only program that begins with testing, conducts regular testing, and provides daily reports to facility managers.  The sanitization technology we produce is non-toxic, made on-site, and uses just salt, water, and electricity.  Local, minority-owned companies are trained to deploy the sanitization solution, creating jobs in the community.

The program has been used across the Pennsylvania capitol complex to sanitize offices and facilities for Pennsylvania legislators, government employees, and even the Governor.  It has also been deployed when a Coronavirus case has been identified to instantly sanitize rooms and make them safe for use.

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