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The roar of crowds will hopefully return to stadiums and arenas soon as people celebrate the return of their favorite teams and performers.  Give them confidence by letting them know when their seat or section was last sanitized.

Disinfect US is the most efficient way to ensure that viruses and germs have been eliminated from surfaces in stadiums and arenas.  It begins with testing to understand where the biggest threats are.  Then a highly effective solution made from just water, salt, and electricity is applied thoroughly by locally-owned, specially-trained small businesses.  Post-sanitization testing ensures that surfaces are sanitized, not just cleaned.  Real-time reporting is provided to you so you can give everyone confidence you are doing what you can to keep them safe.  

This highly effective and affordable program has been disinfecting over 6.4 million square feet weekly throughout the 23 buildings at the Pennsylvania Capitol Complex in Harrisburg since September 2020.  We have a track record of proactive efficacy and COVID case response.

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