PA COVID-19 Small and Small Diverse Business and Community Task Force Introduces Large-Scale Sterilization Technology for Philadelphia Public Sites

Task Force Anticipates Creating Hundreds of Jobs Sterilizing Public Spaces in Pennsylvania

Philadelphia (April 22, 2020) – The COVID-19 Small and Small Diverse Business and Community (2SDBC) Task Force today announced that it is bringing large-scale, low-cost sanitization technology to Pennsylvania.  The Task Force tested Klarion High Volume Chemical Generation System and Sprayers at a SEPTA station to showcase its efficacy and efficiency to local, state, and federal officials.  Michael Brown, President of the 360 Group of Companies and Program Manager of the 2SDB&C Taskforce, supervised the demonstration. The lead contractor was Yvette Watts, CEO of WATTS Facility Solutions, a woman and minority-owned business with a 65-year track record of providing building maintenance solutions. Pre- and post-sterilization testing was conducted by Pennoni and Associates, an ENR Top 500 consulting engineering firm that has served Philadelphia for more than five decades.

“We are excited to share this sanitizing system with government and business leaders in Pennsylvania because we know it can protect our communities while creating jobs,” said  Kerry L. Kirkland, Deputy Secretary for Diversity, Inclusion & Small Business Opportunities, Pennsylvania Department of General Services. “Our local experts at the 360 Group and Pennoni and Associates have validated that it works, so we are confident that public spaces across Pennsylvania will benefit from us bringing these machines to our state.”

The disinfection technology needs only water, salt, and power to create over 800 gallons of sterilization solution and 1200 gallons of cleaning solution per day.  The 2SDBC Task Force plans to deploy 100 disinfection machines to sites throughout Pennsylvania, which can create up to an estimated 1500 jobs. This will be one of many initiatives to draw on the expertise of small businesses while preserving their key role in job creation and local economic development during the pandemic. More information about the technology and updates on the plans to bring it to Pennsylvania is at

“The Task Force’s role is to identify solutions that include diverse small businesses in the battle against the spread of COVID-19, which is disproportionately affecting our most vulnerable communities,” said Dr. Jamie Bracey Green, noted local STEM workforce expert.  “Creating safe, clean public spaces, sustaining minority businesses, and educating prospective workers about these jobs is paramount.  The Task Force is planning to bring other innovative ideas and solutions to our communities in the near future.”

About the PA COVID-19 Small and Small Diverse Business and Community Task ForceLow-income and minority communities are currently facing the double threat of higher risk from COVID-19 and greater loss of jobs and revenue as a result of the shutdown of non-essential businesses. The 2SDBC Task Force addresses both problems by engaging small and small minority-owned businesses in COVID-19 relief efforts. More is at